Winter shoes for women

Fashion trends for winter women’s shoes impress with a wide range this year. When choosing winter shoes, you need to remember — shoes should be not only beautiful, but also warm and comfortable. When buying this or that thing, each person wants it to meet certain requirements. When it comes to footwear, high quality and comfort are paramount.

Of course, no one canceled the aesthetic appearance. After all, you can just go to the market and buy women’s felt boots from your grandmother. But we still want to look stylish. So what fashion designers offer us to wear in winter?

Treads — shoes with high tops and bells at the top, covering the knee. This type of boots used to be the uniform shoes of cavalrymen in Europe, and now, as if experiencing their rebirth, they take pride of place in the closet of almost every fashionista.

Slippers — warm, soft, comfortable semi-closed shoes. If you can’t walk in heels, then slippers are a great option for you. At first, these shoes were exclusively for men, but, fortunately, now they are also available to women of any age category.

Probably, in the wardrobe of every fashionista there is such an amazing thing as ugg boots. Previously, ugg boots, Australian boots, were the privilege of pilots and villagers in Australia. Comfortable and warm ugg boots have established themselves in the shoe market due to their practicality.

Not so long ago, we met with another novelty in the world of shoes — high boots. High boots — extraordinary winter boots with natural or artificial fur inside and out, the sole in them is made of felt. Fur boots come from the north, where they are everyday shoes. This type of footwear is one of the warmest.

Martins, in turn, deserve no less attention. They look like army boots, but the soles are softer. This type of footwear is preferred by representatives of various subcultures. Corporate identity, double seams, quality and comfort of boots always find their buyer.

Apreschi. What is it? A thick sole and a synthetic, foam-padded upper are the main draws of this winter boot. They are ideal for walking in frosty weather and not only, even in the slush your feet will not get wet.

Vibrams are a relatively new word in the world of shoes. These shoes are more likely not for ordinary hiking, but for extreme recreation, for people who do not walk in parks in winter, but literally conquer the peaks, doing mountaineering or mountain tourism. This is a trekking shoe that features a high thick sole. Vibrams are quite heavy, often two-layer, as well as combined (leather and plastic). They will protect your feet from the imperfections of the underlying mountainous terrain, exposure to low temperatures and moisture.

Ankle boots — women’s shoes with English roots. It’s a cross between shoes and boots. The heel of the ankle boots is stable, and the toe is slightly tapered. Ankle boots are one of the favorite women’s footwear models.

As you can see, the choice of women’s winter shoes is very large. Each representative of the weak, but the fair sex can choose exactly the model that satisfies all her preferences as much as possible. The main thing is to approach the choice of shoes with enthusiasm. And good luck, dear ladies, in this difficult matter!