Work shoes: basic requirements and selection criteria

Today, the working type of footwear is not just a necessary element of protecting the feet from many external influences. It is primarily the most important aspect regarding safety and comfort for the worker.

When choosing the most suitable option, it is necessary to take into account not only certain external characteristics, but also the specific specifics of the work, as well as the conditions in which it is planned to be actively used. It is also worth taking a closer look at the individual characteristics of each employee.


Before choosing shoes on at an affordable price, it is recommended to learn more about the basic requirements for work shoes:

  1. Protection from mechanical damage. Work shoes must provide a shield against impacts, as well as any falling objects.
  2. Chemical resistance. Depending on the nature of the work performed, certain shoes may be required that are directly resistant to the negative effects of various aggressive components.
  3. Resistance to static electricity. Some specific types of work may require the use of antistatic footwear. This is necessary to subsequently prevent fire or explosion.
  4. Complete protection directly from getting wet. This is especially important when working in difficult conditions with high humidity and the presence of any liquids directly at the workplace.

Basic Rules

The choice of the most suitable work shoes depends primarily on the specific working conditions, as well as the personal characteristics of the person. It is worth paying attention to the following aspects:

  1. Materials. They must be especially durable, breathable and at the same time provide the necessary degree of protection.
  2. Sole. In this case, good adhesion directly to the surface is necessary. Also equally important are the shock-absorbing properties needed to significantly reduce the load on the joints.
  3. Interior decoration. Shoes should be well ventilated and have a fairly comfortable fit.
  4. Compliance with generally accepted safety standards and protocols. You should choose a shoe model that must be certified and meet certain requirements (meaning for a specific type of work).